Espresso Bar | Linea Small

Small line is the response to our italians and foreigners customer's request, who asked us for a bar blend package of 250 gr.
This demand is due to two fundamental factors: the increasing presence of coffee machines in the houses; the wish to taste a new blend without spending a lot.
Often the package of 1 kg is too expensive only for a taste. So, thanks to the ability of our roasters, we have created two new blends in beans in package of 250 gr.

Top Quality 100% Arabica

This blend, confectioned in an elegant black bag, is made with esteemed arabica coffees coming from Central America.
When you drink it, you can feel the taste of spices and toasted bread.

Napoli 70% Arabica

It is a blend made with Brasilian Santos and Indian Robusta.
With this blend you obtain an espresso with a strong taste and an aroma of dried fruits. It is packaged in a white bag.

Single confection
Net weight :250gr
Types of blend
Top Quality | Napoli |
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