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This coffee is cultivated on the Pedra Retonda plantation, located in the Matas De Minas region. The plantation is managed by the 3 Bernardes' brothers who are always looking for quality. Their coffee won the Cup of Excellence for 3 times. During the tasting, we find an intense body with immediate perception of cocoa and cedar, with nuances of vanilla and malt. In the aftertaste we can find mild apple acidity.


In the mountain region of Guatemala named Chimaltenango, with a subtropical climate, there are the Aprocacafe plantations San Jose Poaquil-Azul managed by a community of women who have created this project. The handmade crop is selected in order to have the perfect homogeneity. Women work in the utmost respect for their territory, promoting biodiversity, using, for the production process, fresh water of their mountains and their exclusively organic fertilizers. The discreetly mellow body of this espresso anticipates intense perceptions of wild strawberries and sweet peaches in syrup. The intense and prolonged aftertaste is enriched with mild notes of cocoa.

Costa Rica

This coffee is cultivated in the Los Santos-Tarrazù region and precisely in the Coopellanobonito plantation, constituted by producers with a percentage of 30% of women. During the tasting, this espresso has a discreet body with a pleasant and delicate acidity of peach and red orange that intersect, in the aftertaste, with cocoa, malt and hazelnuts.

Single confection
Net weight:250gr
Costa Rica | Guatemala | Brasile
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